Help, my site has been hacked!

If your account has been hacked, be sure that this is not related to the security of the server. Our servers are equipped with modern security modules (such as Apache mod_security, Suhosin PHP, PHP open_basedir and others) and no account has been hacked on this server, which means that the problem is on your site.

The main reasons for hacking a site:

- Outdated version of CMS (Joomla, WordPress, PhpBB, etc.). All popular scripts have security problems and for this reason you should always use the latest version.

- Deprecated version of plugins. A similar problem occurs with third-party extensions that you use on the site. Remember to update your plugins regularly.

- Simple user / administrator password. Always use strong passwords for user accounts that have access to site content management.

- Infected local PC. Some viruses can steal data from FTP connections and then upload malicious scripts to the hosting. Update your antivirus regularly and scan your PC for malicious code.

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