My Wordpress has been hacked, how do I reset my admin password?

If your Wordpress password has been changed to an unknown value, you can always change it by editing the database directly. For this you can use the phpMyAdmin tool in the Control Panel.
Open your WordPress database, go to the SQL tab (located on the top navigation menu).
In the text box write the SQL query: UPDATE `wp_users` SET` user_pass` = MD5 ('new_password_here') WHERE `wp_users`.`user_login` =" admin_username "; 'new_password_here' - enter your new password that you want to use. "admin_username" - specify the username for which the password should be changed.
When you're done editing, click on the GO button to execute the request. If a green message is displayed (that the request was successfully completed), then you will be able to log into WordPress with a new password.

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