Ping command and tracert (traceroute) how to use correctly?

The ping command is used to check the availability of network resources. Most often it is needed to identify problems with the network, to understand on your side or on the server side there are problems.
The essence of the ping command is simple, it sends a packet of a given size to the specified address, which is then returned back or not returned, which already indicates a problem

Here's a quick guide on how to do this.

Please press Win + R -> type 'cmd' (no single quotes) -> click the 'Run' button.

So, let's get started, first let's check if our device is connected to the network. Let's contact the Google server.
1. Enter into the command line: ping
If the answer came, that is, the result came in the form of a number, then we are connected to the Internet.
If we see a message that the timeout has expired, it means that we are not connected to the Internet or the Google DNS server is down, which is extremely unlikely.

Now let's check the connection to the resource we are interested in directly, for example, to the DarkHost server.
2. Enter into the command line: ping
Likewise, we will get either positive or negative responses.
With this command, we can find out the IP address of the domain, get information about DNS records and server availability.

If you see a response from the server in milliseconds, it means that your site is accessible from this computer and should work normally.

If a message is displayed that the timeout has expired or the server is unavailable and you could not identify the cause of the problem, then please run the tracert command on your computer to the same IP address.

To trace, type in the command line: tracert IP_Address_Your_Server

This process may take some time, but will provide more information to help you solve the problem.

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